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    about Shashi Yoga AND JOURNEY TO YOGA MASTER in london UK

    Yoga Master

    Step into the present and just be … Just be Peace, Just be Love, Just be Content

    Kiran Shashi studied and being a Yoga Master in London UK to teaches many different styles of Yoga and likes to incorporate a little music therapy into her teaching. She creates her own music to go alongside the practice of yoga in Yoga House as she believes music can be a powerful vibration of love and can affect the emotions in a positive way. Her spiritual journey began at a very young age leading her to take up the practice of yoga.

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    The yoga postures work on exercising every part of the body, muscles, joints, spine the entire skeleton system …

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    (Universal Life Force Energy) is channelled through the practitioner into the client and can be sent to specific …

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    The study of Nutrition is now an internationally accepted health system as it explores the relationship of …

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    Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran in Yoga and Fitness the holidays support you fully so you gain the …

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    Yoga Master
    Yoga Master shashiyoga
    • For so long, we have all been living from our perspective in a vibrational energy field that is predominately driven by fear. Only some of us manage to rise above it, while others continue to stay anchored.
    • A new Vibration is present now. Only some seem sensitive to it; it is a pure vibration of infinite love. This vibration has no place for fear. I always remember an old quote, “Whoever fears will die,” so true, for the ones that give their power away. Our belief system has been programmed into us from day one, through our family and society.
    • We let ourselves be bombarded daily by what we are led to believe is news or essential. We need to create our own beliefs and cut ties to the controlled perception. A new vibration awaits the person seeking the truth and who walks their unique path. We are all individual droplets in this ocean of love.
    • When we all connect, we become the whole ocean, but each one of us has a path to follow. Lessons need to be learned, and that can’t happen when you are living a lie.
    • It’s essential if working with a teacher that you are not misled by ‘do as I say, and you will get the same results’; it does not apply from a spiritual perspective.
    • We are all spiritual beings living a human existence, and there are differences in each one of us. Although our 3D dimension has basic rules, the spirit will get in the way of those rules. Our differences are unique, and they are the key to the rising.

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    Yoga Master shashi yoga


    Yoga Master

    Feel free to send mr any questions you may have. I am happy to answer them.

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