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about Shashi Yoga

Step into the present and just be … Just be Peace, Just be Love, Just be Content

Kiran Shashi studied and teaches many different styles of Yoga and likes to incorporate a little music therapy into her teaching. She creates her own music to go alongside the practice of yoga as she believes music can be a powerful vibration of love and can effect the emotions in a positive way. Her spiritual journey began at a very young age leading her to take up the practise of yoga.

Yoga Classes

The yoga postures work on exercising every part of the body, muscles, joints, spine the entire skeleton system …

Reiki Healing

(Universal Life Force Energy) is channelled through the practitioner into the client and can be sent to specific …

Nutritional Coaching

The study of Nutrition is now an internationally accepted health system as it explores the relationship of …

Healing Holidays

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran in Yoga and Fitness the holidays support you fully so you gain the …


Feel free to send mr any questions you may have. I am happy to answer them.

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