September 2020


We are now approaching a fantastic opening in the parallel of life where we as an awakened humanity can change the script, change the written agenda and free ourselves from a life where we live only a small percentage of our potential and possibility. We have the choice to decide our future from the perspective of ‘Love’. What would ‘love’ do? What would you do once you understand the truth and walk in the vibration of ‘love’ as opposed to following a set of rules, based on societys mindset of fear and survival? We can now raise our vibration to meet the vibration that already exists around us – the vibration of ‘Truth’ and ‘Love’.








The ‘beginning’ rests with every individual gaining clarity and perspective over their own thoughts. That is to say, although people can have your best interests at heart, their lack of knowledge and understanding may keep you entrapped and blinded in a world breaking the ‘human spirit’. To blindly follow a narrative where it is clear that your own livelyhood and happiness as well as others are threatened and compromised is ‘to become your own enemy’ Every day YOU can make a choice between ‘actions’ and ‘opinions’ voiced on ‘Truth’ or ‘Fear’.







Kiran Shashi’s food for thought:

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Recipe of the month:

Keeping it the Vegan Way:

Try a energising and immune building smoothie

Two carrots, peeled and chopped
One apple, peeled and chopped
Hand full of Kale
Half a lemon, squeezed
5 leaves of mint
5 leaves of basil
Tea spoon of ginger ( ground or chopped )
Dash of Organic Maple syrup ( Optional )

Throw everything in a smoothie or Juicy maker and enjoy!!

Change Fear to Love:

For this month become a master of your thoughts.
Promise yourself this: ” I will only entertain the thoughts that empower me”
Then have a go at this exercise:
Throughout the next few days, catch your thoughts of ‘Fear’ and write them down. ( You’l need a paper and pen at hand or jot them down on your phone )
Aim to get at least five subconscious affirmations down in writing, e.g,

I’m feeling worse
I’m tired
I’m scared…..
It never works out
I just don’t have the time

and now turn them around;

I am getting better everyday
I am so grateful for a perfect night sleep
I feel good
I am capable of handling anything
Everything works out just the way it should
I have all the time i need and more

Write as many as you need and start affirming!

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