August 2020


We are all now faced with two choices, do we choose Fear or Love? Do we choose the conditioned programming of many generations before us or do we open up to a new perspective? Do we make our choices based on fear of losing or do we move forward with trust and contentment. Do we accept, we are all that is, God consciousness and we can have anything we perceive? Do we give away our power to an outside force, a cabal that orchestrates our belief system, perception and outcome or do we take back our power? Do we step back and acknowledge that when we play a game with a force, way ahead of us in terms of knowing the workings of this Universe, we will only lose? To live by their rules will always keep us in servitude, powerless and dependant for the rest of our living years. Its time to take back our power, recognise who we really are and understand we are the co-creators, we make our rules,








The space in between the thoughts, programmed perceptions and beliefs are so important right now. Meditation will raise the vibrations into a space of ease and peace and away from the Fear that is bombarding us daily. Once you enter the higher vibration of Love, you begin to see, hear and feel from that perspective and realise the truth. Know how safe you are and how in control you are of everything that is happening to you!







Kiran Shashi’s food for thought:

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Recipe of the month:

Keeping it the Vegan Way:

Vegan fudge bites / Vegan basin barfi


I and half cup Gram flour
3 tbs Coconut sugar
4 tbs Coconut Butter
Coconut Milk/Vegan Milk
1 tsp Ground Cardamon
Maple Syrup ( optional )

Fry the gram flour with butter until Brown.
Add Sugar and mix.
Leave for 5 minutes.
Add Vegan Milk, maple syrup, stir until thick.
Press down in a greased dish.
Once cool, place in the fridge.
Once hardened, cut into bite size pieces.

Choosing Love not fear Exercise:

Try this for the month of August: When ever you are faced with a choice, what ever it may be, be aware of your first reaction, then be aware of your second reaction. Did you go with the first or second? Spend a couple minutes at the start of your day with your hands on your heart taking 3 deep long breaths and repeat ” I am Safe. I am guided. Heart, guide me now, to where i need to be, whom i need to be with and what i need to do. Thankyou.” Throughout your day, when choices arise be aware of your first reaction, does it come from a place of Love, the hearts knowing or does it come from a place of fear, the logical mind living by linear time and a programmed perception. Try it out!

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