July 2020


We are all seeing a major shift in ‘being’, in vibrations and a shift in humanity right now. Even if its just focusing on the reality, that so many are conditioning themselves to a ‘new normal’ and a ‘new way of working’ and so on. Its great to be able to adapt to life and be connected to the vibrational flow of the Universe, but are you really connected to your unique flow or are you trying to live someones else’s life, by desperately trying to make it your own? Do you believe ‘if it worked for them, it will work for me’? Time to find your true path, your true self and your true aura. Only when you walk truthfully on your unique path can you achieve what has already been written for you.






What we need to understand is, we are all living life from our unique perspectives. Our path has not been trodden by another, only we can be true aspects of ourselves and shine through the crowd. Imitating someone else and taking from another will not automatically put you on the same vibrational path as them. In fact it will drop you to the lower vibration of self. Only when you are real to who you are and connect with why you are here and with that, which only you can give to the world, you can align on your true life purpose.









Kiran Shashi’s food for thought:

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Recipe of the month:

Keeping it the Vegan Way:

Carrot Fritters

2 large carrots
optional: grated ginger
A small grated red onion
pinch of cumin, salt, pepper and paprika
Mix and press down
Fry in shallow or deep fry until golden.

Connecting to your unique path Exercise:

Sit comfortably, grounded and in a quite space. Take a few deep breaths whilst putting your fingers on your heart. Feel the safe, connected feeling and repeat to your self ‘ I am safe’ ‘My family is safe’ and if you have pets you can also repeat ‘my pets our safe’.
Now speak to your heart by saying: “Show me who i need to be today. Lead me to my truth” Take a few more deep breaths and feel your heart resonating to a higher vibration. You may see images, hear words, or get feelings within you. After sitting for a few more breaths slowly come out of the exercise.

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