Courses and Retreats - Shashiyoga
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Courses and Retreats

Shashi Yoga Booking Form for Retreats/Workshops

Yoga Master

    Personal Details

    Address Details

    Schedule Details

    Notes :

    Attendees must have their own suitable Travel insurance:

      • Once Booking is confirmed we will contact you with all details regarding the Yoga Retreat or workshop.
      • Bookings Payable to Shashi Yoga
      • Shashi Yoga Transfer details sent upon booking


    • Cheques Payable to: Shashi Yoga
      • An email is sent out once the deposit becomes non-refundable or stated upon time of booking.
      • As a repeat Shashi Yoga customer, once signed up as a member you will receive promotional discounts on future retreats. If Shashi Yoga has to cancel a retreat for any reason your full deposit will be returned.