The study of Nutrition, an internationally accepted system explores the relationship of how the food we eat affects the health of our body and how it is an important aspect of our wellbeing of which we have some control.


Poor nutrition is linked to many diseases so it is important to establish the links and learn how to better nourish the body. A normal healthy body weight, a reduction of fat in the diet, exercise to keep the body well and the spirit positive is vital. A good intake of fresh water, cutting out on smoke and alcohol and other toxic forming foods will keep the kidney, liver and skin in good health.
Keeping faith, some study of nutrition, eating fresh whole organic foods and understanding food combinations all contribute to fighting disease and keeping the body and mind healthy and pain free which will enable the person to enjoy a healthier and happy lifestyle.


A good balanced diet of mainly whole fresh preferably organic food I.e. vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes fish or poultry and fresh mainly filtered water will keep the body in good health. Although a Vegetarian diet is the kindest to the body not to mention the world. As the body is not naturally made to consume meats in the form we acquire these days and struggles with digesting.
At the same time all manner of toxins and hormones are released in the body and these substances are one of the major causes of minor and serious dis-eases within the body.
It’s important to obtain the essential vitamins and minerals through our daily diets or supplements, but what food and vitamins we need can also depend on the person’s individual lifestyles such as someone sitting in front of a computer all day will not have the same dietary requirement as the person who has more of a physically active career so it is very beneficial to educate yourself with the general health needs.
There are a few rules we generally keep to keep the digestive system working efficiently. It helps to also cleanse the body every so often with cleansing diets of maybe fruits, vegetables and water but again it is important to know when and how exactly to diet.
Overall a good balanced nutritional diet combined with regular yoga exercise will insure the body and spirit stays in good health and mind disciplined. Making living more fun and healthy.
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