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Yoga Retreats

Yoga Master Shashi yoga

Kiran Shashi leads amazing Retreats and Tours to stunning locations internationally through the year.

She has teamed up with some amazing and talented Teachers and specialists in their own fields such as Reiki, Ayurvedic massage, Personnel Trainers, Zumba, and 4×4 training to bring an overall body, mind and spirit experience on the Trips.

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran in Yoga and Fitness the holidays support you fully so you gain the most out of your experience. The Retreats maybe something you wish to attend with friends, family or experience on your own. Whatever you decide you are sure to have the time of your life.

The locations and program is thought about fully to support the particular retreat or holiday you have chosen. Classes are normally twice a day and depending on if it is a retreat or a yoga tour we can add a few additional classes here and there like early morning Yoga at the Taj Mahal or on the top of the Himalayas.



We are now official for Costa Rica!

There is still a chance to join us as we have a couple more spaces left. If you would like to join the wonderful group of Yogi’s already signed up please contact asap and you will be one step closer to this amazing adventure!


Please see a couple Videos of the Beautiful Locations we’ll be staying at


We are almost full! Many have sent in their deposits to confirm their place!


Here is the link again: Here is the invite with all of the details about the retreat


Its the first time we’re running a total wellbeing Retreat including Yoga, Massage, Reiki, Animal Reiki, Mindfulness, Nutrition and Chakra Balancing…it promises to be a Retreat of a lifetime!


Our villas on the Osa are quite large and offer separate or double comfy beds with netting and private washroom. Because the ocean is so lively there, you will sleep like a baby and will feel completely private in your own bed pods.


Here are two videos on the lodges: Rio Chirripo

Ojo del mar


You will all absolutely love this Wellbeing Yoga escape with Shashi Yoga and Rainforest Escape. It will take you from the fresh and serene mountains to the lush and vibrant rainforest of Costa Rica, along with the energising and healing balance of Wellbeing treatments it’s the perfect package!


We want everyone to go home after the Retreat feeling in Total Balance within and out!


We’d love to have you with us! If you are in the UK, simply contact us to give your deposit and if you are outside of the UK, we can accept it too. The minute you do, your spot will be guaranteed, and you can then book your flights to get an early deal!


Trust you can join us on this fun andenchanting retreat!

Blessings and Love

Kiran Shashi

Stay Lifted!

Yoga Master Shashi yoga
Yoga Master Shashi yoga




Peru is a country that has it all. Its ancestral heritage gives us the chance to admire countless archaeological treasures. Its land is natural and pristine containing much of the world’s biodiversity within its borders. But above all, the warm hearts of its people allow the soul of the travellers to get in touch with the country.

Peru is also a land of contrasts. Contrast of geography in which we can find 84 of the 104 life zones existing on the planet. Contrast of people, traditions and culture as a result of the waves of migration that have occurred throughout its history. Contrast of colours, sounds and landscapes from the vast desert coast to the greatness of the Pacific Ocean and giant sand dunes to the Andean highlands with its snowy peaks, glaciers and lagoons and down to the Amazon Rainforest which is rich in wildlife, plants and numerous endangered species. Almost like a continent in miniature, Peru will astound you.



MEXICAN YOGA GETAWAY 2018 (+ Sedona, Arizona)

We are excited to announce our next International Yoga Retreat for 2018. Seven days in aspiring and breath-taking Tulum Mexico followed by 3 days in magical and spiritualy charged Sedona, Arizona.

At Amansala Tulum Resort, we honor the Mayan culture that draws us to this special place on the Yucatán Peninsula. With more beachfront that any resort in the area, you’re assured to be lulled to sleep by the sound of lapping waves.

Sedona, Arizona, an area long known for natural healing and spiritual awakening. Surrounded by red monoliths, Native American ruins and majestic mountains.


For more information click here.

Yoga Master Shashi yoga

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