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Welcome To Shashi Yoga By Kiran Shashi Yoga Teacher in London UK

Kiran Shashi is a certified Yoga Teacher in London UK, Author, Reiki Master, Nutritionist and Massage Therapist.
She studied alongside her family in India and is certified with a Diploma by The State Council of Education Research & Training in Delhi. She also has the following qualifications:

Studied & Teaching

Kiran Shashi teaches many styles of Yoga and incorporate music therapy into her classes. She enjoys creating her own music to accompany the practice of yoga music, itself is a powerful vibration of love and effects emotions in a positive way. Her spiritual journey began at a young age leading her to take up the oldest health system in the world.
She has taught for over 15 years but practised Yoga for most her adult life. Her students vary from sports persons, high profile athletes/clients, corporate workers, teenagers, elderly, young primary school children and the everyday working man and women.
She also took part in the 2010 Nintendo Wii’s, Fitness First, New you, Mind and Body, Yoga and Pilates Workout, where she performs 117 postures along side meditations and relaxation techniques.

Kiran enjoys connecting with the essence of everything and everyone around her and assists in people gaining that awareness. Her teachings are about living and enjoying every moment the present gives, to experience the lighter side of life and not take life to seriously – to have fun and most importantly to “Just be”.