Total Chakra Balancing – Inner & Outer Beauty Chakra Awakening Online

Total Chakra Balancing – Inner & Outer Beauty Chakra Awakening Online


This Is A Special Offer For Launch Of The Inner & Outer Beauty Chakra Awakening Online Course.


Join Kiran Shashi on the launch of her powerful on line training course to open and balance your 7 main chakra with ancient and new Healing Techniques and Yoga. Experience the Joy, Peace and Love that is your divine right.
If you are feeling that your not living your Real Life Purpose and there is so much more that you should be doing right now then THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!

If those feelings have finally manifested into a reality and you are feeling tried, frustrated, depressed at times also aches and pains may appear and other did-eases may surface it may mean the Universe and you own spirit is making waves to WAKE YOU UP!

Yoga Postures to Open and Balance each Chakra
Mediation, Mudra and Mantra techniques to stimulate each Chakra, to LIFT YOUR VIBRATIONS, to be FULLY PRESENT and gain control of the sabotaging thoughts and beliefs.
To let go of Fear, Guilt, Hurt, and Resentment and fill up with Love.
About Colours and Styles to help open the Chakra and compliment your body.
About how Essential oils and Gem stones can be used to open and balance each Chakra and which ones.
Gratitude work to learn to be grateful for what you already have and to be grateful for what you don’t have and would like to manifest.
Each Chakra will open the qualities to be whole:

Your Career, Family and Home
Your Passions, Sexual desires and Relationships old and new
Your Will Power, Confidence and Strength
Your Compassion and Love for Life
Your Communication to the world and People close to you
Your Intuition and instincts
Your Connection and Belief in the Universe

This is an extremely life changing 7 weeks of working through the 7 Main Chakra. Each week the course will be uploaded onto the site and you can go through each Chakra at your own pace. You can connect with me anytime during the course to talk about what ever changes your going through physically and emotionally, what you have learnt and any other questions you have relating to the course. Every 2 weeks we can arrange a call to discuss the changes deeper.