Meet your Twin Vibration

Meet your Twin Vibration



Events cost:
‘Meet your Twin Vibration’ is £99 if booked before Jan 1st £109 if booked after.


Hi Everyone,

We will soon be entering 2020! The year infused with massive Jupiter energy which promises us all huge shifts towards our twin vibrations .

We are all being called to walk our true path and no longer live a lie, pretending to be somebody just to fit in.
It’s now time to be true to ourselves, find our true calling and merge with our vibrational tribe.
This also includes the twin vibration of children, pets, jobs, home, locations we visit, twin partners and so on.

We are running a brand new, exciting and uplifting event In London for people who find themselves struggling to find their twin souls, twin jobs, twin homes and more, also for people who feel they need to change the vibe of their current relationship whether it be on a business or a personal level.

It plans to be a beautiful uplifting day where sole individuals and partners can connect with likeminded people and expand their vibrational tribe and maybe even meet their vibrational twins.

Throughout the day you will get the opportunity to meet, get to know and vibe with people on your own wavelength and all being well make some long-standing relationships.

The day will include learning:

• Mindfulness and connection to yourself, your own desires and what really makes you feel good
• Yoga postures to help you release any restrictions you are putting upon yourself and open yourself to Love entering your life
• The Colours that will help you attract the vibrational energy you are looking for
• About Children and how to connect with them, understand their vibration and allow and be ready for them to enter your life.
• About Relationships and which ones, you should give more energy and time to. Also, how to lift your current relationships to a new level.
• About Money and resources and how to create that energy in your life where it becomes an energy of ease not a chore
• About Food and the sustenance that creates a more energetic, passionate and healthy being from within and out
• Outer style to match your New Vibration!

The early bird cost is only £99 if booked before 1st January or £109 if booked after. Limited places are available.

• Lunch, Refreshment breaks with Tea/Coffee/water/ Juice and biscuits/ cake are included.

– Yoga and Meditation to centre you and create space, helping bring the right people and situations into your life.

– Mindfulness and Time and how trusting in Universal timing helps us release the limited perceptions connected to time.

– Nutrition and how that which we consume can create the vibration of ease or battle.

– The importance of Play and Colours and how both can free you from restrictions and guide you into the mermaid energy of passion, creativity, sexuality and flow.

– The knowledge of attracting your twin locations, your twin tribe and how Music is a powerful force to lift and liberate you.

– How your view and perspective effects your relationships,

If you are feeling out of sorts, more like a robot, living a life that doesn’t really feel like your living. If you constantly get the sense that time is just running away from you and you simply can’t run fast enough to catch it. If you feel like you’re just surviving each day without the spark, the passion and thirst of life, feeling something needs to change and struggling to meet the people and partners that really get you. If you want to meet the people that really feel you and vibe with you and will join you in raising not just their own vibration but the world’s then it is time to STOP, Stop moving forwards doing the same thing and in the same vibration but STAND STILL AND CHANGE your vibe!

We want to help to transform your life inside and out into one of abundance, it is our divine right to be at Peace, In love and Content!

This is a wonderful gift for you and others. By stepping forwards on a higher vibration of love and creating the ripple of change in your own life you can also help others around you do the same.

It would be super to have you join us for the day and leave feeling and beaming Love!

We would love to hear from you and confirm your place.

With the most Blessings and Love!

Kiran Shashi