Special Offer on Reiki Treatments

Special Offer on Reiki Treatments at the Lotus Centre

Special offer: 10% off all Reiki treatments booked through summer.

 Contact for info and how to book.

Reiki Healing and Chakra Cleansing is an ancient art and practice that people should really be using for themselves and their loved ones EVERYDAY. Dips in a persons Aura’s can throw a person off their life track completely, causing them to feel those foggy moments in their life where things just do not make sense. You could find yourself more open to attracting everything you don’t want not to mention being a little bit more forgetful then usual as oppose to being on a light Vibration of Love and shining a much brighter, whole and ‘bigger then life’ AURA.  Resonating on a higher Vibration will lead us to feel Secure Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually and we will then become aligned with our correct life’s purpose. Obstacles and interference’s will come ‘its life’ but its how we choose to act about them that distinguishes who we become from there after. The less energy and focus we give to the ‘side kicks’ ‘low blows’ ‘carpets pulled from underneath us’ and ‘being hit by a truck’ the less power we give to those things and the less they can effect our state of being. That being who lives in a state of TRUST, PEACE, LOVE and CONTENTMENT, truly living in the Present moment. The more Love we fill our hearts with and our total being with the more we will manifest love into our daily lives. REIKI can help us do this. When we balance our 7 main Chakra we REALIGN Physically, Mentally and Spiritually to our true selves, the self that is very often hidden underneath all the illusions of a distracting mind. Physical ailments are worked on and dramatic healing and shifts can be made. Auras are cleansed, leaving the person able to see clearly again and through the eyes of LOVE. To manifest Love we first must become Love

In order for you to experience this massive shift that’s taking over our planet I am now offering a special Summer offer of 25% off all Reiki treatments bookedRemember this is a limited time offer with limited space so be quick to snap it up.

If you’ve never tried Reiki or Chakra Cleansing now is the time! 

With Love and Blessings. Kiran Shashi