Ready to go back to the outside world of Yoga

Feeling lifted again

After a couple of years of stepping back from the Yoga world, somewhat and completely engulfed in the world of parenting and being a new Mummy and… a single new Mummy  I am finally feeling like teaching again. This time though its on SO many different levels.

I’ll never move too far away from the physical practice of Yoga but now its become more and more essential to me that the Yoga is practiced through a spiritial connection and not just as a form of exercise. As I am always teaching about creating space, I took abit of my own advice and its now apparent that the space away from the Yoga world was EXACTLY what i needed. Its given me a new understanding and wider view of where modern day yogi’s were heading, it’s also shown me a new perspective on life.

Yoga for me is now part of my lifestyle along with nutrition, Reiki and more not just a separate entity of Postures that I step in and out of. I have embraced the Union of Mind, Body and Spirit, after becoming a Mother, coming out of an unhealthy relationship and going back to the roots of Yoga to find myself again. I have seen the essence behind the mask.

Its not easy being a new single mother with all the pressures of society put on you. I have learnt, ‘to give your child the best part of you is to give your child the knowledge that you yourself have grown up with through your perspective, wisdom and learning but not to influence your child with fears and insecurity’s that often become us and our choices’. I actualy feel so much stronger physically and mentally since I became a Mother and certainly wiser.

I decided to be true to myself, fully and represent myself to others as a true Yogi and through Yoga’s true word and authenticity. We’re living in an ever changing world and the beauty about Yoga is, it changes with the times, always has and always will, but there should always remain a connection to the Core of Yoga. The connection of the Mind, Body and Spirit is Yoga and doing physical asanas without the connection takes it away from what it is. Yoga is not just ‘asanas’, in reality Yoga is everything that encompasses Mindfulness and ‘present state awareness’.

Its a nice feeling to finally feel free and connected with my own truth through the mist that was starting to take the practicing Yogi’s away from Yoga. All being well i can be part of the wave that brings it back home to its true self.

Kiran Shashi

Founder of Shashi Yoga and The New World Family