12 Minute Chakra Cleanse

Cleanse and awaken your Chakras in 12 minutes!

Cleanse and awaken your Chakras in 12 minutes!

Chakra Cleansing and awakening is hugely beneficial, not to mention a powerful way to start your week! It is easy to push aside a task you feel could take too long or appears too complicated to implement. After all, when you have 101 things to do in your day how can the mind even justify sitting down for a few minutes and doing nothing!

BUT… that is exactly what is needed! Continuing in a state of stress, rushing around in desperation and worry to hit deadlines and goals only pushes your desired result even further away.

Chakra cleansing is a great way to clear any unwanted debris and cobwebs of mental illusions, negative thinking and draining energy. By awakening each Chakra, you create a secure state within and mirror that state out into your world.

12 minutes is all you need!

1. Begin by sitting in a quiet space with both feet firmly on the ground.

2. With your spine tall and shoulders relaxed, take 3 deep breaths

3. then take 3 breaths, with your eyes open really see everything in front of you, look at every object in front of you and be aware of their texture, colours and shapes.

4. Take another 3 breaths closing your eyes this time and listen to every sound around you, including your breath.

5. Take 3 more breaths and be aware of how your body feels, your lips, fingers, cheeks, head, be aware of how the floor or seat feels under you.

6.  Imagine a huge power shower over your head. See golden light showering down like water, cleanses you inside and out. Cleansing every chakra from the crown to the root. Washing out any low vibrations you may have picked up. See it all being washed away down the crown to the root and out into the Earth to neutralise and become one with Earths healing energy.

7. Now see a huge hole appear in the space, about 2 feet above you head, connecting you to infinite love and now also see a hole appear from under your feet connecting to the Earth warm red energy.

8. From the Earth feel the grounding force enter your soles, move up your legs and into your Muladhara/Root Chakra, at the base of the spine, in the genital area. Feel the energy spin faster whilst visualising the Colour Red. Repeat ‘Lam’ in your mind or out load 7 times.

9. bring your attention to the Sacral/ Swadisthana chakra, located at the coccyx. Feel the energy from the root move up to the sacral. See the colour Orange and feel the energy spinning faster. Repeat the Mantra ‘Vam’ 7 times out load or in your head.

10. feel the energy move up to the solar plexus, the Manipura, located behind the navel. Feel it resonating and spinning. The colour is yellow, repeat ‘Ram’ 7 times.

11.Bring your attention to your Heart/ Anahata Chakra, behind the chest. Feel the energy moving up from the earth and through the lower Chakra, but now also feel the energy flowing downward from the source above your head, both energies’ joining at the heart. Again, feel that energy spinning while focusing on the colour green and repeating the mantra ‘yam’ 7 times.

12. We now move to the higher chakras. Feel the source energy from above enter the crown and into the base of the throat, the visshuda, feel it spinning faster and focus on the colour blue, repeating ‘ham’ 7 times.

13. Moving up to the third eye/Ajna, focus in between the eyebrows and see the colour purple or indigo. Repeat ‘Aum’ 7 times.

14. Finally focus on the crown, see and feel the source energy tingling at the top of your head and feel the chakra infused with energy, spin faster. See a brilliant light and rainbow colours and repeat the Mantra ‘Prama Shiva’ 7 times.

15. Now focus on your breath, focus on the gaps in between the breath and feel the source energy moving up and down the body as the flow is released.

16. Finish by feeling completely grounded to the Earth and imagining a bubble of protection around you. The bubble is of the highest vibration of Love and will protect you from other vibrations.

@copyright of ShashiYoga

Kiran Shashi

Founder of Shashi Yoga and The New World Family