A New Vibration, 16 simple steps to be lifted!

A New Vibration, 16 simple steps to be lifted!



Launching in June!

As some of you are aware, I have just finished my first book, ‘A New Vibration’. ’16 simple steps to be lifted’. Its an in-depth journey and explanation of the vital steps to take to raise the bodies vibrations. Yoga being just one of the chapters.

I have now created a 8 WEEK ONLINE COURSE LAUNCHING alongside the book!


We will breakdown the 16 chapters of the book into 8 easy, weekly released modules, which look at every area of your life from meditation, colours, crystals, food, locations, money, time, relationships and so much more! LIFTING YOU TO A STATE WHERE YOU CAN BEGIN ATTRACTING YOUR VIBRATIONAL TRIBE, YOUR VIBRATIONAL CAREER, VIBRATIONAL PARTNERS AND MORE.


– Yoga and Meditation to centre you and create space and help you bring the power of now into your every day physical activity.

– About Mindfulness and Time and how each one effects our perceptions and expectations of ourselves and others.

– Nutrition and the beauty of Innocence. How we are all what we consume and also feel the liberation that innocence can bring us.

– The importance of Play and Colours and how both can free you from restrictions and guide you into the energy of the universal Flow.

– The significance of the locations we choose to visit and reside in related to our minds connection to our tribe and also how Music is a powerful force to lift and help release .

– About People and nature and how they can drain or empower you.

– How our relationships to ourselves and others manifest into what we send out to the world also learn how your relationship to money is effecting the reason why it may be absent or present in your life.

– How the Ego and Self are both important in our lives and how the understanding of our true nature will free us from the minds lower anchors, that prevent us from lifting.

Each Chapter will guide you to connecting to who you truly are and align you with your true calling, unapologetically.

Each week 1 Module will be uploaded onto the site and you can go through each Module in your own time and at your own pace. You will have the choice of 2 live calls to jump on to talk to me and ask any questions about the course and what ever changes your going through physically and emotionally. The call timings will be different so the calls are accessible in different time zones. You will be working with myself and my assistants throughout the course and depending on the size of the group we will send you an invite to join our face book group where you can discuss any thing re the course with us and other members.

If you feel that any of the following need help, change or a big boost!.. Your body, Mind, Resources, Career and Relationships, then this is the perfect course for you!

We will launch the Online course in June, so you can experience an amazing Summer and beyond. Everyone will receive their prep work a week before the launch.

I am very excited to be running this course along side the run up to the release of my book and explore even more ways to raise the Vibrations. We want to help to transform a persons life to one of abundance, it is our divine right.

To book on please contact me or simply book through the button below and your on board!

The Cost of the workshop is £128.00 with an early bird offer for bookings before 11th May at just £108.00

With the most Blessings and Love

Be Lifted!