A New Vibration, A New You
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A New Vibration, A New You

About Tour

Kiran Shashi from Shashi Yoga & Maryum Sharif from Style Moguls


A New Vibration. A New You.

16 Easy Steps to be lifted!

Hi All,

We recently ran a beautiful and uplifting day of Inner beauty and Outer Style staying true to our authentic selves! We observed how Chakras influence our Inner and outer selves and received a quick styling consultation based on our over and underactive Chakras.

We’ve now decided to lift it up another level and run a New Year special:

A New Vibration. A New You.

The event will centre around my book ‘A New Vibration’ ‘16 steps to be lifted’ where we will go through all the different areas of a person’s life, working through:

• Mindfulness
• Yoga
• Colours
• Children
• Relationships
• Money
• Locations
• Food
• Outer style to match your New Vibration!
• and so much more

With a new Vibration comes a New You, and throughout the event once the self has been realigned, we will Style the New body and get you ready for the New Year so you can walk forwards with confidence and Love.

The early bird cost is only £69 if booked before 1st January or £79 if booked after. Limited places are available due to the time it takes for each full personal styling consultation.

• Lunch not included. We can all eat out together or clients can bring their own lunch..
Refreshment breaks with water/Juice and biscuits/ cake are all included.


– Yoga and Meditation to centre you and create space, helping you bring the power of now into your everyday life.

– About Mindfulness and Time and how each one effects our perceptions and expectations of our self and others.

– Nutrition and the beauty of Innocence. How we are all what we consume and feel the liberation that innocence can bring us.

– The importance of Play and Colours and how both can free you from restrictions and guide you into the energy of the universal Flow.

– The significance of the locations we choose to visit and reside in, about the mind’s connection to your tribe also how Music is a powerful force to lift and help release you.

– About People and nature and how they can drain or empower you.

– How our relationships to ourselves and others, manifest into what we send out to the world also learn how your relationship to money is affecting the reason why it may be absent or present in your life.

– How the Ego and Self are both important in our lives and how the understanding of our true nature will free us from the mind’s lower anchors, that prevent us from lifting.

If you feel that any of the following need help, change or a big boost! ….Your body, Mind, Resources, Career, self-esteem or Relationships, then this is the perfect day for you!

We want to help to transform your life into one of abundance, it is our divine right!

This is a wonderful gift for you and others. By stepping forwards on a higher vibration of love and creating the ripple of change in your life you also change others around you.

It would be super to have you join us for the day and leave feeling and looking Fabulous and lifted!

We would love to hear from you and confirm your place.

Email: shashi@shashiyoga.com

With the most Blessings and Love!

Kiran Shashi and Maryum Sharif