Yoga & Pregnancy

Well I had been trekking all over the world
Visiting a potential Retreat venue for my Yoga retreats in Montenegro and seeing a good friend of mine Dragan ad a week after my return flying to India for 3 weeks to visit family to do some more studying on Yoga philosophy and Ayurveda with my family as well as celebrating at my friend, Davinder’s wedding.
Practicing Yoga almost every day not to mention power Yoga and core strengthening also having all kinds of Ayurveda treatments on and for the tummy in India. Little did I know the surprise I would get on my return. As I arrived back home in the UK, settled back in and noticing a week or 2 after that my Deli Belly would just not leave! Feeling sooo tried not to mention having this horrible taste in my mouth. If it wasn’t for my partner suggesting ‘you may be up the duff’ it suddenly dawned on me and although I vigorously disagreed with him that that just couldn’t happen to me, I suddenly suspected that that could, and it dawned on me that I hadn’t had a period for a pretty long time. But I think all of the traveling made me lose track of time. And there I was, the day after with my pregnancy test in my hand 7 and half weeks pregnant J Well I suddenly paused in shock as me and the baby’s father had only reconciled and reunited as a couple very recently after a break up, but, then, I jumped for joy! I knew it was the plan of the Universe and it’s something I didn’t plan and probably would have never done being such a busy body Yogi (but happily busy body, busy is only a problem when your busy doing the things you don’t love) The Universe brought me my son.

Whist teaching Yoga every day and keeping the pregnancy quite from my Yoga students (so no more rocking bow and hard core Yoga abs for a little while) working through the tiredness in the evenings and the lack of appetite to begin with but constantly wanting water and more and more and more water. I finally started to get a hang of things.

Realizing that doing the Yoga every day in fact kept me pain free, helped me sleep better, kept me strong and making sure the circulation was good within the body I continue full steam ahead. Ran both my Yoga Retreats in the UK whilst 33 pregnant and in Turkey on my cut off week to fly where I actually did have to step up the pace as I was joined by many other Yoga Teachers who were my students on the Retreat and became good friends which I realize now some of them also wanted the same thing then (a baby) so our energy’s would have attracted each other.

Nutrition was a very big part of my pregnancy. I drank constantly as I was now not just drinking for myself but also for my happy bouncy baby, who definitely was a happy bouncing baby (the mid wives told me every time I went for my checkup) We are more than 70% water and so was my baby so water was essential. I didn’t have one ounce of fluid retention during pregnancy because my body was getting enough fluids. Also certain foods left my diet and certain foods entered but I have always been a vegetarian and that also helped with the pregnancy.

No sickness, no fluid retention, hardly any pains, loved my pregnancy and I do believe my Yoga esp. teaching up till 2 days before my son was born was the reason.

The other most important thing! No matter what, I remained happy and positive. Whoever and whatever situation came my way with a negative energy, I remained on my lifted one.